Dot Da JokeR


                   Sharine Mims; the Founder of ChekRoQ EnT better known as Dot Da Joker was born in 1984 spent most of his childhood relocating throughout the city of Philadelphia. During his adolescent years he attended Frankford High School where he graduated in 2002. From 2002-2006 he remained employed while attending the local community college. In 2006 he began to rap with his friends exploring other forms of artistic expression. Shortly thereafter he and his friends created a group called the Get Em Boiz. They continued to rap together for two years when Dot da Joker determined it was time to pursue his solo career.

In 2008 Dot Da Joker decided to take a brief hiatus from the music world and began his career as a standup comedy but continued to keep his interest for music nearby. He adopted the name Ronnie B and you could find  him performing his standup material at local venues such as the Laff House, Lickety Splits, The Reef and Dowling Palace just to name a few. In a very short amount of time “Ronnie B” recognized that his true passion lied within “Dot Da Joker” and resumed his solo career as a Hip Hop artist.

In a short period of time Dot Da Joker has collaborated with other local artist as well as a few artists in California, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, Indiana, and Texas. He has also appeared in several showcases, featured as opening acts for other local artists and is on the verge of completing the  “NO Tomorrow” Tour. He has since released Mixtapes “Snatch’ez  Vol 1”,  “Snatch’ez Vol 1.7 n ½” and completed a group project called “Draft Day” with the Draft Pickz. He is expected to release “Snatch’ez Vol 2”, and “Krash Landing” this upcoming winter.


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