ChekRoQ! Radio Live Interview w/ Kdotoh 4/18/12 11pm!


The Life and Lyrics of a True Artist

KdotoH born in 1988 in Camden NJ and raised in Bellmawr NJ. During his years of school he enjoyed performing in musical plays, writing poetry, sang on the school choir, and was most popular at school dancing. In his early years KdotoH also had aspirations of being a DJ, after spinning and mixing for his family and friends parties, his passion turned to writing while using his poetry background. When KdotoH completed High school, his passion grew stronger and he began rapping and recording in different studios. Inspired by his ambition, KdotoH begin to record himself and in 2006 he recorded his first original single “Here I Go” Produced By Boonie Mayfield. The following year he began producing making TheKidLean’s single “Nigga I’m The Shit”

As KdotoH pursues his career as an artist he continues his college education while working a full time job. Even with a busy schedule he performed live at local venues. The Harriet & Marc Show enjoyed interviewing KdotoH, they invited him back a second time as they found his lyrics to be “powerful” and “captivating” as they were truly inspired by his message within his lyrics.

K.O got his name in memory of his father who was a boxer trainer who passed away when he was three. KdotoH is a direct reflection of his craft and creativity when it comes being the best and continues to stands alone. KdotoH is influenced by his diverse background which is clearly displayed in his unique sound. The love and support of his mother continues to be the foundation of his success. KdotoH has produced, engineered, and written his latest street album “The Glass Room” More great things to come from

btw the track Party is from KdotoH’s upcoming mixtape R.E.B.E.L.

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